Welcome to The Confident Expert Program. We have a blast here – and we hope you will join us!

During your time in The Confident Expert Program, you will:

  • develop your Confident Expert messaging, marketing and sales strategy, and mindset, so you can fully step into this role and learn how to effortlessly attract new clients, both online and in person.
  • discover how to become more visible in your coaching and consulting business, in a way that honors your unique personality, so you can make a bigger impact in the world.
  • understand how to position yourself as a Confident Expert and go-to person in your market, so you can have more time and financial freedom in your business—and in your life!

*NEWSFLASH*:  You can create a strong, profitable business by staying 100% true to who you are and what you believe. AND you have been granted permission to stop doing the stuff you hate doing.

How refreshing is that?!?

We are *so* glad you found us. If you are a coach or consultant who has been searching for a kickass online community, look no further. You’ve found us–and we hope you will call this your digital home.

Your success depends on many things–but two of the most important things are marketing and sales. The Confident Expert Program is here to help you become the business owner you have always dreamed of being. We help you with visibility (aka marketing), and we help you get clients who value your services and your brilliance (aka sales).


It’s pretty hard to grow a brand if you are hiding, isn’t it?

Business owners hide for many reasons–and sometimes they don’t even know they are hiding.

  • Perhaps you haven’t found your brand voice yet, so you are scared to publish content for fear that it might not “sound right”.
  • Or maybe you’ve been forcing yourself to create content that is not in alignment with your personality, so you struggle when it comes to sharing your message with others.
  • Maybe you’ve been hiding because you don’t have anyone in your circle to help you see all the kickass aspects that make you and your brand brilliant.

Visibility is one key to growing your brand. People need to know about you and the good you are doing in the world!


The world needs more of you. Your body of knowledge, your experiences and unique perspectives, and the services you offer to clients ALL matter, big time! Your thoughts, contribution, voice, and leadership make this world a better place.

Visionary business owners often have a hard time conveying their ideas. This is normal because you are thinking deeper about issues, solving problems with your own unique style, and oftentimes creating a movement so others can enhance their own lives.

Deep down inside, you know that if there was a way to share your ideas, and they made sense to you and your ideal clients, your marketing would be so.much.easier.

The Confident Expert Program and YOU!

This is your digital home and community of like-minded, like-hearted peers. This is a place for you to learn how to create marketing that feels good to you and actively grows your business.

But…be warned…this program offers so much more than content and curriculum. It is a place where:

**REAL talk and conversations happen around marketing and sales. We will talk about what is working and what is not, but mainly, you will discover how to build the business of your dreams by staying true to who you are.

**Business owners find companions, power partners, and network so they can become powerful referral partners and leaders.

**You unlearn all that shit you’ve been taught about marketing and sales that isn’t true.

**The community is so strong, that members check in several times a week to get and give inspiration.

**Live trainings, workshops, interviews, and group calls take place–and a place where you have a content library and resources right at your fingertips, so you can get the help you need to market your business and feel empowered while doing so.

**Friendships form and where in-person retreats are an extension of the online learning that happens here.

Another fantastic tidbit of information about The Confident Expert Program is that it’s a perfect complement to any other coaching you may currently be enrolled in. It is also for those who have a business or marketing coach, as well as for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to deep 1:1 coaching.

Isn’t it time you joined us?

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