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Amy Hager is a Joyful Marketing Specialist and has been participating in the M.Shannon Hernandez Facebook community since it began. A true marketer at heart, her experiences help her relate and apply strategies across many businesses and industries.

Claiming “The Connector” as her superpower, Amy enjoys guiding prospective students and clients in their marketing and business growth journey.

Praise for The Confident Expert Program™:

“Since joining, I have DOUBLED my sales–because I have been doing marketing and branding that feels good to me. I have done this by following the modules, attending the live trainings, and doing the program work… It’s been an amazing experience and this is one of the best programs I have ever invested in for my business. I’m so grateful!” – Natalee Fox, Travel Concierge
“The entire program is based on hands-on learning. I kept hearing about how awesome The Confident Expert Program was, and I wanted to experience it for myself. One of my favorite things about the program is the live-in person trainings and meetings. The community is so real, and there are business owners from all walks of life. Those get-togethers for me are magic, and I’m so grateful to have this program in my life. Shannon shares the real stuff in her biz: the numbers, the ups and downs, the struggles, and the successes. This has taught me how to be in touch with myself and realize that business is about getting up every single day and doing the work.” -Mariana Carillo
“I love that you create a space of experimentation. You create a space where we can connect with what we want to do. And then we have this amazing community helping us figure out how to implement it. And that’s the second thing I love most about the program; the Community those calls– those sales clinics and the marketing clinics… we go way beyond sales and marketing. Your program is about living as a person who is daring to do what they want.” – Tania Gerard
“Jump into this because there’s a lot of content. There was a lot that I got. Even the stuff that I thought that I already knew, reviewing it from a different perspective was just huge. Looking at it in a different way in my business was great. And I love that I can go back to it – I never felt rushed, I never felt graded, I never felt judged. I just felt like I could go in it and do it at my pace when I wanted when I had the time. And that the content was always good. there was always something that I learned. Whether I knew that module or not there was always something that I could take out of it and implement. And I had the time to implement it.” -Kris Jordan
“This community isn’t a bunch of fakes. We are real and we are here for each other. We share the good, the ugly, and the total shit shows and we support each other through all of that. No matter what you are going through you can bring it to the community and be secure in knowing that everyone there wants to help see you through it.” -Christina Lawrence
“Get off the fence. Look at this as an investment. This will move you forward in ways you can only dream of so long as you are willing, open and ready to take action. The best investment you can make is in yourself.” -Bisi MacGregor