A Message From Your Joyful Marketing Strategist and Biggest Cheerleaders

M. Shannon Hernandez & Amy Hager, instructors in the Confident Expert Program

“There’s nothing like this program out there.” We continue to hear this from our students, and we must say, that makes our hearts sing! We have intentionally built an online marketing and sales coaching program that is like nothing else on the market. If you want to discover how to market and sell from a place of joy, intuition, and integrity, you have found the right community.

It’s an absolute honor to work with our students and help them develop a marketing and sales strategy that brings them joy and revenue! The live trainings, marketing and sales clinics, and deep conversations help our students connect more deeply with their business, clients, and peers. When you are deeply connected in this way, and have access to a quality “tried and true” methodology built specifically for online coaches and consultants, magic happens!

We hope to see you on the inside!


A little bit more about Shannon…

M. Shannon Hernandez, Founder of the Confident Expert Program

M. Shannon Hernandez is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz—and specifically is known around the globe for her Joyful Marketing Methodology. She works with online coaches and consultants—teaching them how to market and sell from a place of joy and intuition first—and build a profitable business that includes abundant time off.

A sought after expert in the world of joyful marketing and online business strategy, Shannon is known as the creator of the Content Personality™️ Wheel. She has founded both The Confident Expert™️ Program and The Joyful CEO™️ Mastermind, where she champions and rallies coaches and consultants to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, FOX, and NBC. She is a world-renowned Joyful Business Growth Strategist with over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design and is a master trainer and teacher. She is committed to ongoing philanthropic work to bring housing, fresh food and water sources, and medical care to those who do not have access. When she is not speaking and teaching globally, you will find her reading fiction, snuggling her cat, traveling the world, and hanging with the love of her life.

A little bit more about Amy…

Amy Hager, Founder of the Confident Expert Program

Amy Hager, a true marketer and community builder at heart, uses her years of experience and expertise to help coaches and consultants around the world build businesses they love. Amy’s yoga instructor says she has lived 12 lives already because she has so many experiences. She has raced cars, been a radio DJ, built sales and marketing teams (one was for a standardized construction contracts coalition), worked at a group home to support adults with mental illness, led a B&B association, started a youth group, being a military spouse – just to name a few. Her experiences help her relate and apply strategies across many different industries by utilizing her background, especially in marketing, communications, engagement, community development, and organizational growth.

Amy has been part of the M. Shannon Hernandez Facebook community since it began and she supports current clients – as well as future clients – so that they continue making progress in their businesses with #JoyfulMarketing. She has found a home as a coach in The Confident Expert Program where she can relate to passionate CEOs raising the vibration of the planet with their work.

When this cat mom isn’t helping clients with their Joyful Marketing she can be found finding her joy while exploring her own backyard, hanging out on her boat, visiting as many wineries as possible, and/or traveling the world.