Episode 1: Your Innovative Idea

We will be taking a look at your innovative idea and why you are so passionate about getting it out into the world. What impact do you have in the work you do? We will also discuss how sharing your innovative idea is really a chance to focus on you, your story, and your why.

This is the inaugural episode with a live audience! We are inviting you to come and learn about members of M. Shannon Hernandez’s community and hear why they get up and do what they do every single day. You will be inspired by their vision and motivated by their passion and conviction.

And best of all? We invite you to join our community. We know that Thought Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum!

On the live show, we talk about:

  • The definition of Thought Leadership and why embracing it is a game-changer for your marketing
  • The questions to ask yourself to find your own Thought Leadership focus:
  • What am I trying to change?
  • What does this change look like?
  • If I stopped the work I am doing today, would anyone miss it?
  • The Ripple Effect: What is the legacy you are leaving behind?


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