Welcome to another Confident Expert Mastermind Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.

Meet Theresa Puckett

I’m Teresa Puckett, and I stand for parents of adolescents. For parents of adolescents, I am a messenger, a guide, a coach, and a harmonizer. I think that is the toughest job on the planet these days.

Since I joined The Confident Expert™ Program earlier this year, I have been supported and able to develop, share and sell three new programs that I either would never have done or would have taken so much longer without TCE. So that’s been tremendous.

I saved a huge amount of time. But then also, at least one of those [programs] probably would have fizzled out and never come to fruition without The Confident Expert™ Program. I would have spoken about it and talked myself out of it without our coaching sessions, frankly.

The biggest overarching breakthroughs from the Joy Money Retreat were just a totally new appreciation for the power of the mastermind, more than one person completely focused on one thing, helping one person at a time. It wasn’t just two people, it was all of us women that were totally focused on helping each other and it was amazing. The power of mastermind for sure. And then the other biggest one, which I feel every day, is a focus on what truly brings me joy. Knowing that that is what I need to pay attention to in my business, not what I feel like doing every day – But what really brings me joy and how to move toward that. Totally new appreciation for that. And it’s a daily touch stone, which is amazing.

I know there could be a lot of different reasons why you’re on the fence, [about joining The Confident Expert™ Program] but what I would say is the Joy Money Retreat was amazing in person with Amy. Amazing. The other pieces I want to highlight are that you get private coaching sessions with Amy, so you have a private coach. The group sessions that she leads every month are like the virtual mastermind twice per month, with other members of the community who are focused on themselves AND helping you. That’s tremendous. There’s a lot of really yummy, binge worthy, self paced content that you have right at your disposal anytime. Then there’s workshops frequently. There are these workshops that are either masterminding or teaching a really cool thing that Shannon is just amazingly gifted at. It’s like the whole smorgasbord you get so if you’re like, on the fence about coming to the TCE restaurant, just know that there’s something there for everyone. But there’s so much yummy stuff. So much.

Theresa Puckett

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