Welcome to another Confident Expert Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.

Meet Tania Gerard

Before The Confident Expert Program, Tania wasn’t quite sure how to define who she was as a CEO or how she helped others, so she leaned into the community. During one of the live calls, everyone rallied together and helped her put the work she does into words and invent a completely new niche for herself! 

As a Congruency Coach, Tania helps rebels, and “outsiders” who don’t fit into societal norms get in touch with who they really are. She helps people define what well-being means to them– and from there she supports them in incorporating that well-being into their lives in a sustainable way.

Tania was so tired of the way things were being done in the online business world. She hated traditional marketing and selling, and even when she did try those tactics, nothing worked! And this isn’t a rare thing either. I see this daily. So many people think there is something wrong with them because other systems and formulas don’t work, but the truth is bad marketing advice is the problem. 

You aren’t broken. And you don’t need to be fixed. 

“I love that you create a space of experimentation. You create a space where we can connect with what we want to do. And then we have this amazing community helping us figure out how to implement it. And that’s the second thing I love most about the program; the Community those calls– those sales clinics and the marketing clinics… we go way beyond sales and marketing. Your program is about living as a person who is daring to do what they want.” – Tania Gerard

So many marketing programs are peddling shady, sleazy advice. I know because most of my students come from those programs. Too many coaches and consultants are being manipulated by guru coaches and their programs. That’s why The Confident Expert Program exists, because you deserve to run your business in a way that leads with love, authenticity, and honors who you truly are. You don’t have to compromise your highest values to run a profitable business. 

“It’s this creation of an entrepreneurial community that is not this hurtful capitalistic thinking of ‘how I can take money from other people.’ In The Confident Expert [program] we value the money that we get for our work because money helps us to do more things we care about. If we are broke, it’s hard to donate to our favorite organization, and it’s hard to help out a friend… so we get the value for work. We have a community that affirms that and that encourages us to go and charge what is fair for our work and build a different way to do business.” – Tania Gerard

My other students and I have had the privilege of witnessing Tania grow so much during her time in the program: 

  • She found her dream business partner– another student! 
  • She’s made #SmartCEO choices even when it went against the status quo.  
  • She’s managed a huge transition with ease while moving her business off of Facebook (because Facebook wasn’t the #JoyFirst place for Tania or her business.)

“The space to experiment and the support to believe that we’re making the best possible choices– that’s my favorite thing [about the program.]” -Tania Gerard

This program isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t ready to grow, implement, and experiment with new things while leaning into a powerful community then you won’t find what you’re looking for here. But if you are a coach or consultant who is ready to own your brilliance, step into The Confident Expert, and choose something different, then this is the program for you.

Tania Gerard

Join us! Enrollment for The Confident Expert™ Program is open. We’d love to help you create marketing that feels REALLY GOOD to you and your ideal clients, and a business that gives you more time and financial freedom.