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In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful CEO students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.

Meet Quanisha Green

“I’m the founder and CEO of Black Woman CEO and many people know me as the confidence strategist for black women entrepreneurs where I really help them to elevate their confidence so that they can emancipate their earning power. As Shannon knows but some of you may not know who are watching this that black women actually make the least average gross revenues in the United States if we categorize it by our race as well as gender. So, it is really important that we invest in the skills as well as the confidence of black women so that they can generate more revenue. Right now the average is $24,000 a year and I don’t know about you but for the life that I Desire… that doesn’t cut it. So we provide training and coaching from a closely relevant context and help them to attract both clients and cash in that way.”

[Before joining TCE] “I was in a growth and scale up phase but I was trying everything. I was doing workshops, six week intensives, private coaching and there’s probably lots of other things I don’t even remember. And I literally messaged Shannon crying like, “I don’t want to do anything this next year.” I made out my plan for the next year and I hated it and I showed it to Shannon and she was like, “No, we’re not doing that shit.” I did not look happy. And as someone who has a mood disorder, I have bipolar disorder, I have to really be conscious about stress and overworking and I was even having breakdowns consistently actually throughout my business from overworking, from overdoing it. And since joining the Confident Expert Program, one of the first things Shannon and I did was just get rid of a whole bunch of stuff. But on the way that she asked me, “What is the most impactful and what do you most enjoy? What really drives you?” And that was my private coaching as well as my group coaching programs and I actually ultimately just wanted to move to group coaching. We really just got to the essence of what I do and I think it also made it simpler for clients to even understand what I do so everybody’s happy.”

“What I would tell my best friend is that if you’re looking for an extremely high touch experience. Shannon is not just the only coach in the program, there are other team members who have an expertise. I think we have a call or the availability of a call every week. You don’t always have to get on all the calls. They help you along the way as a community. I’ve been in expensive masterminds and no one is extremely hightouch and invested in you.”

The other part of it is that you’re not just getting training, it’s not another one of those things was like, “Oh, do the training. You go on the coaching call and ask about the training.” It’s also developing you as a CEO, as a leader in that way because we talk about building a team. So it’s not just scaling by you doing more and more and more just automating. I think if you really also want to learn how do I actually maintain a human connection in my work? How do I build relationships? How do I show up in a way that engages and connects and is relatable? There’s no other program that really does that and it really sets you up for sustainability.”

“Shannon is a trusted advisor, as well as the other team members. I’m a strong, really independent person and sometimes we need a strong, independent person to help us get in check. And we only respect other strong, independent people, so Shannon is that. If you really know that you’re looking for an advisor, someone that can kick your butt when you need it and hold you accountable as well as a whole community that does that then I definitely say that’s another reason why you want to come into the Confident Expert Program.”

Quanisha Green
Black Woman CEO

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