Welcome to another Confident Expert Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build the health of their business.

Meet Pam & Amy

“We’re excited about helping people figure out how to make small changes in their daily lives, in their health, in their eating, in their strategy to being healthy that are sustainable, that are building a foundation that you can span above and continue the health that you’re trying to maintain. So we have tons of information. We have tons of resources that we help people go from sleepy, unhealthy with their bodies, unhappy with being in the kitchen, to enjoying life, enjoying their health. And we are the dynamic duo that are their cheerleaders as well. We don’t just give you a program. “Here. Have fun with it.” We actually walk them along, and we become their support team.”

“We don’t believe in dieting. We figure out what foods are best for them through a couple different tests that we run. And then we just help them find out what’s best for them. We’re really big on inflammation, things like that, that are causing the diseases. It’s really customized to them. We have a program, there’s 12 modules, 12 topics. But we really customize their needs and what their goals are. We were really big on goals, but not just setting a goal, just figuring out how to accomplish them.”

“Dieting is not sustainable. And so we really focus on building the foundation of your health so that what you’re doing is sustainable. A diet is a fluctuation. How many diets have we all been on? How many pounds have we lost or gained or whatever? It’s not sustainable. So we find ways of making your health sustainable so that it lasts.”

[On reservations before joining] Money, money, money, money, money. Never have enough, but know you need to spend it. I think Pam said something really profound when we were discussing this. And she said, “We’re coaches. We’re trying to help somebody. And we expect that somebody who wants to be healthy is going to want to coach or need a coach or pay for a coach. And if we have a need, why aren’t we willing to pay for a coach in that need?”

“We had taken another program. It was for retreats. And we actually did the program. Every one of the modules. We learned so much. It was such a benefit because we also do women’s retreats, but I just felt like we need that. The other piece that’s missing is how to sell those, and how to sell our program. And you were our missing piece.”

“Shannon will kick your butt if you start lagging off. She’ll come find you. She’ll instant message you. She will not let you fail. She’s there. She loves you. She’ll take care of you. Your program is so much like ours. Like if our client disappears for a week, we’re like, “Hey, where are you going? What have you been doing?” If they fall off, we help them get back on.”

“We had that same model that you really care about us. And we love our clients. We get so attached to them that when they’re done with the program, it’s sad that we’re not in contact with them every week. And you have that same model. And you love your clients. You want them to succeed. You’re not there just to sell a program. You are there to help them succeed. I think that’s number one.”

Pam and Amy
Building Your Healthy Foundation

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