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In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.

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I am a psychologist, mother of four, and CEO of Motherhood in the Making. I help moms (of children from birth to school age) reconnect with themselves, enjoy life, and raise kids who thrive via one-on-one therapy, live workshops, and a soon-to-be-released online program.

I am excited for and proud of my Facebook group which is an amazing and safe community where moms can be honest and open about life with kids, get support and guidance and build connections with other moms.

My biggest struggle before joining The Confident Expert Program was that I wasn’t clear on my message. I knew I had something valuable to offer women, but I wasn’t sure how to articulate it. I had my vision when my youngest was an infant in a carrier on my chest. She’s now five. I kept fumbling with my idea, not knowing where to lay roots.

Investing in this program was scary for me. You don’t know what’s behind that login. But, I was in your Facebook group and was inspired by your honesty and authenticity there. That group gave me a sense of trusting my instinct to go for it.

Behind the login, I was pleasantly surprised by the content and the clarity it provided me. I experienced mindset shifts in the way I see myself, my business, and my potential. I now confidently tell myself, I believe in you, Liba.

Initially, by going through the first few modules, I was able to begin clarifying and forming my brand message; which was the springboard for me owning my message and my value. Over the past few months, I have gained inspiration, clarification, guidance, and support that has been the fuel to my growth. I went from feeling like I was searching for success blindfolded in the dark to clear and continual movement and growth.

I have almost filled my therapy practice. I had four clients before I joined the program, and now, four months in, I have 11 clients. I’ve nurtured a cohesive, supportive community that is not only an incredible resource to its members but an invaluable marketing tool for my brand, as well as growing recognition.

I am clear in what I want my business to be, and I am confident in who I want to be as a leader.

I have a live workshop coming up and it is ⅓ booked. I am thrilled with that.

The most important step I made, and continue to make, is valuing myself enough to invest in myself and my business. It is always a leap of faith, but the decision to invest in oneself ALWAYS pays dividends.

Liba Lurie

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