Welcome to another Confident Expert Mastermind Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.

Meet Ketra Thompson

When I reached out about The Confident Expert™ Program, I was looking for marketing strategies that would help me reach my ideal client without spending money on more ads.  As a hypnotherapist, my business is unique and I needed an original customized approach to help me reach my clients and implement all the moving parts of marketing.

During this program, I have experienced a much more immersive experience than expected. I was given some very practical tools to adjust my wording, and I have also received a great deal of personal support in the zoom calls and also at the Joy Money Retreat. The understanding and love that I have received has been wonderful. Being a part of this group has encouraged and inspired me to feel more confident moving forward.

As a result of The Confident Expert™ Program, I have dialed in my messaging. I recently shifted my niche so I am once again dialing that in with the help of this group. It has also helped me to set up clear processes for making decisions and setting goals through a specific method that allows me to define what is most important to my lifestyle values.

If you are thinking about The Confident Expert™ Program for your business, I want to share with you that this program provides a space for you to be inspired, coached, supported, and to find the courage to make your business what you want it to be. It’s a wise investment in yourself and your business.

– Ketra Thompson, Hypnotherapist & Coach

Join us! Enrollment for The Confident Expert™ Program is open. We’d love to help you create marketing that feels REALLY GOOD to you and your ideal clients, and a business that gives you more time and financial freedom.