Binge-worthy Tutorials for Coaches & Consultants

Grab a pen and paper. These bite-size trainings will help you attract more perfect-fit clients.

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Real Client Connection: How to ditch the generic avatar jargon and attract your ideal clients with ease

You know what’s wrong with the word avatar? It is FAKE. And Shannon is on a mission to put the joy and love back into marketing—and that means we need to be speaking REAL talk to REAL people.

Tune in to learn how to think about your ideal clients in a new way—the HUMAN WAY.

Traveling from The Island of Stuck to the Island of Success

Discover how to speak their language—and watch your sales SOAR!

The key to reaching your ideal clients is to use words that reach them, and help them envision their future with YOU in it! This seems soooo simple, yet this is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to messaging and marketing.

Join in and learn how to communicate in a way that reaches your future clients NOW. This is the exact framework we use (and teach) as we initially craft our messaging and in our sales calls. You are gonna love it— so let’s go an island adventure, together!

The Visionary CEO: How to expand your joy, revenue, and time off

Join Shannon as she teaches you how to unbottleneck yourself from your biz. That shit ain’t joyful and you can’t grow if you are in the bottleneck!

This training will help you see where you are blocking the flow and you’ll learn your very next steps to take based on what you discover in this training.

If you have tried to “scale” and have failed or hit an energetic/capacity block, this is for you.

If you want to “scale” your biz and want it to be as easy and joyful and possible, this is for you.

Yes, you!

Love Your Leads

We have a mindset and business growth strategy in this brand: You are either a client now, or a client in the future. And we are going to love up on you with great content and huge empathy until you say “yes” to working with us. So, how do we do that exactly?

In this training, I’m going to walk you through our simple two step strategy for Loving Your Leads. You might just be surprised at how easy it is to track and communicate (and eventually convert) all your ‘not yets’ and ‘no’. Let’s spread some love today!

The Art of Building Strategic Relationships

What is a strategic relationship and what does it look like once they’re formed? First of all, what I want you to know is building strategic relationships is an art form. It takes intention, it takes focus, it takes love. It takes care. I want you to think about building these relationships as you would a relationship with a new love interest or a relationship with a new friend. Tune into this training so you can build powerful strategic relationships and set yourself up for growth and success in your business.

Create a Relationship Marketing Plan

How are you nurturing the strategic relationships you are creating with others? When you develop a relationship marketing plan, it helps you stay top of mind and put the #RelationshipsFirst philosophy into action. Check out this video tutorial where I help you look at a few key categories of relationships—and walk you through a thoughtful relationship building plan for each.