Marketing & Selling for Coaches & Consultants

Grab a pen and paper. These binge-worthy marketing and selling tutorials will help you move your business forward.

Ready to move your coaching business forward?

Love Your Leads

We have a mindset and business growth strategy in this brand: You are either a client now, or a client in the future. And we are going to love up on you with great content and huge empathy until you say “yes” to working with us. So, how do we do that exactly?

In this training, I’m going to walk you through our simple two step strategy for Loving Your Leads. You might just be surprised at how easy it is to track and communicate (and eventually convert) all your ‘not yets’ and ‘no’. Let’s spread some love today!

The Art of Building Strategic Relationships

What is a strategic relationship and what does it look like once they’re formed? First of all, what I want you to know is building strategic relationships is an art form. It takes intention, it takes focus, it takes love. It takes care. I want you to think about building these relationships as you would a relationship with a new love interest or a relationship with a new friend. Tune into this training so you can build powerful strategic relationships and set yourself up for growth and success in your business.

Create a Relationship Marketing Plan

How are you nurturing the strategic relationships you are creating with others? When you develop a relationship marketing plan, it helps you stay top of mind and put the #RelationshipsFirst philosophy into action. Check out this video tutorial where I help you look at a few key categories of relationships—and walk you through a thoughtful relationship building plan for each.

The Value Stack

This juicy burger has been a HUGE hit in the trainings I’ve given for many coaching/consulting communities. I’m going to teach you how to build so much value for your offer that people are picking up the phone and saying “How can I work with you, now?”

This is exactly what you want for your marketing and selling, because if you can show the value of the offer before you ever make the invitation to work with someone, and it is the right person that you’re talking to, either in a sales call or a consultation strategy session, or in your social media or email marketing, it makes your job a lot easier to sell your offers. Let’s take a bite out of the burger today!