Gather ‘round for a story! 

Let’s get back to the fundamentals of human connection. Long before the internet or even books, we related to each other and the world around us by telling stories. We sat around campfires and carved pictures on cave walls. 

My most requested event is BACK–and I’m going to teach you how to craft stories that sell.

No one can tell your story like you can. 

You don’t need all the BS formulas you see being sold as one-size-fits-all “solutions.” 

You don’t need to do hours of research or learn something new to create money-making,  engaging content. 

You already have everything you need to make the impact you want. {How refreshing is that?}

Your stories are a gold mine for growing your business and attracting your ideal clients. And you already have access to all that marketing goodness whenever you need it!!

The problem? 

Most of the time, coaches and consultants don’t know how to use these stories effectively in their marketing. They think their stories are boring. They get stuck on the “how-to”. 

Sharing your stories and leveraging them to make money is a form of art. And it can be learned! 

It’s why I’m bringing back–by popular demand–an event to help you craft stories that sell.

How cool would it be to write, go live, or share a personal story on the social media platform of your choice–and attract your perfect fit clients???


Joyful Business Growth Strategist + CEO Mindset Coach 

P.S. Check out this Facebook live I shared last week: Why telling a story gives you THE advantage. Hear this story of how I transformed an entire classroom of students in Harlem NYC with the power of story! 


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