Episode 8: Developing Your Thought Leader Body of Work

What is your current body of work, and how are you developing it? What is the creative process Thought Leaders go through to hone their craft and create content and experiences that change lives?

Your body of work is ever-evolving. Let’s gather to talk about what you are currently working on–and how it is developing your Thought Leader positioning and platform.

On the live show, we talk about:

  • How to use your Content Personality™ to make your next body of work a true joy to create. *Why it’s so important to niche down, down, down as a Thought Leader
  • The various creative processes we each go through to develop our body of work. (We get into an interesting discussion here on what type of animal most resembles how we create. I am a lion!)
  • How do you enroll people into your body of work vision?  


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