Episode 6: Invitation Selling (aka Sales That Feel Good!)

We are going to have a deep dive discussion into Invitation Selling–and why that works so well for those of in the business of transformation. If you have been trying to sell via webinar or Facebook ads, and you are not seeing the results you’d like, great news! Invitation selling works–when you learn how to do it effectively. 

On the live show, we talk about:

  • How your unique Content Personality™ impacts the way you sell and how to use it to your advantage!
  • What is invitation selling? How does it work?
  • Who is invitation selling for? How do you get results from it?
  • What are the best practices associated with invitation selling? 

Also, in this episode, you’ll hear from special guest, Beck Power. A week prior to the show, she had a breakdown concerning selling and make sales. With a few small shifts, she set a goal to sell $1000 in product/services in the next 24 hours. You’ll be amazed to hear what resulted from that commitment! 


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