Episode 5: Developing Your Thought Leader Platform

How are you building your Thought Leader platform? And how does your Content Personality™ affect which platforms you choose? Where does consistency play a role in your platform development and content marketing?

On the live show, we talk about:

  • How your unique Content Personality™ impacts the platforms you are using for marketing
  • The role consistency and repurposing of content play in your overall marketing strategy
  • The return of print media and old fashioned snail-mail as a way to revive your marketing and get the attention of your prospects

Also, in this episode, you’ll hear from special guest, Natalee Fox, The Travel Conceirge. She is using an innovative content platform to capture leads and grow her Thought Leader travel brand. She also shares her one-year experience in the Content Strategy Academy–and how learning about marketing strategy + alignment with her Content Personality™ changed the face of her travel agency.


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