Episode 4: Daily Habits and Rituals of Thought Leaders

What are the daily habits and rituals you use to stay balanced, healthy, and happy, so you can do the work you love doing, without burnout and fatigue? We want to learn about your best practices and ideas.

On the live show, we talk about:

  • The connotation and meaning behind the word “habit” and how good habits can mean huge changes in your life and business
  • Why habits are necessary to stay focused and joyful in the doing the work we have been called to do
  • What happens when we stray from the daily habits and rituals that keep us grounded–and how to start again or test new habits and rituals

Here are list of the habits and rituals audience members use to keep them at their best: hugs, meditation, journaling, the Seinfeld Method, morning and evening rituals, exercise, 5 minute quite times, timers, buffer blocks in the calendar, Marketing Mondays, Wealthy Wednesdays, coffee dates with your business, and setting aside a day a week for learning time.

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