Episode 2: Embracing the Confident Expert

What does it take to step into and embrace The Confident Expert in your marketing? What are the benefits of doing so? What are the drawbacks? And why is it necessary to be seen as The Confident Expert in your marketing and communication with others? Being confident in your marketing takes deep inner work. Attracting clients comes from you putting your stake in the ground and claiming your brilliance. All of this means you are sure to face moments of uncertainty: fear of being out there, fear of failing, fear of letting someone down, and fear of judgement about what others will say and think about you.

On the live show, we talk about:

  • Why getting clarity about you offer and the results your clients get will propel your marketing to new heights
  • How to attract clients from a place of authenticity and vulnerability in your marketing
  • Why storytelling helps you show up in your marketing and highlight your Thought Leadership


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