Episode 17: Navigating Grief While Running a Business

Join Shannon and special guest Bonnie McDermid as we discuss the complex process of navigating grief.

From Bonnie:
Eighteen months after my soul sister died of cancer, I am still riding the waves of grief. There is no rhythm, no predictability that enables me to prepare for the next one. So now when it comes, I don’t fight it. Rather, I explore its contours, its colors, its effects, my response. What have I learned? What can I create out of this grief? What can I contribute now?

From Shannon:
When my husband became my wife, my entire life shifted.

On the live show, we talk about and explore these concepts and questions:
*How can I make the rest of my life the best it can be?
*What is the purpose of grief? How does it serve us?
*In what ways does grief present itself differently to different people?
*How do we continue building businesses amidst the grief?

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