Episode 16: Knowing When to Say When

As we actively grow our businesses and strive to live a full life, our plates can become very full. Fulfilling work is great- it’s when that full plate produces that “tapped out” feeling regularly and you may catch yourself saying things like “I need help” or “I’m exhausted”. There comes a time when we must say “when”.

In our episode today we will cover: the biggest misconception about the experience of pursuing BIG, worthy goals; explore what does saying when look like to you and identifying when to say when; and discuss the challenges of saying when (e.g. am I betraying my vision? Why is saying when so hard even when I know it’s right?).

Join Shannon and special guest Sara Clark-Williams as we discuss when is the right time to say WHEN?

On the live show, we talk about:
*Being aware of indicators of signs that your body and intuition are trying to communicate with you
*Making decisions about “when” based on the indicators and signs
*Learning to not judge the decision, but honor it when it’s time to let something go
*The important distinction between energy management vs. time management when running a sustainable, joyful business

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