Episode 15: Women + Money Change the World     

I am convinced that when women make money, they are the driving catalysts who change the world – our communities, the future of our families, and the bigger world at large.

In this show, we are going to discuss your dreams and goals for making the world a better place–and how to achieve that by making more money in your biz.

Join Shannon and Tai Goodwin for a candid discussion on women, money, our beliefs, and rocking a money mindset that will bring you wealth (in many forms) and tons of joy!

On the live show, we talk about:
*Your relationship with your partner and if it is supporting your values and contributing to you, financially
*How to know if your money mindset is changing for the better, as you build your business
*Is there any generational baggage around money and success you’ve been lugging around?
*Putting in place spiritual practices and rewards & rituals around wealth and money
*How are you preparing for what you are asking for? You know, the Universe will only give you what you are ready for! fuel the joy

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Books mentioned in this show:
*The Values Factor by John DeMartini
*Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny
*The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

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