Episode 14: The Joy Imperative

What happens when we prioritize both joy and money in our businesses? In our lives? These are the questions that Lauren Fritsch, creator of the Joy|Money Matrix™, answers on the upcoming Thought Leaders Connect with M. Shannon Hernandez. The Joy Imperative is her invitation to entrepreneurs to start planning, prioritizing and strategizing in a different way- a way that puts joy first.

What at first seemed subversive (after all shouldn’t businesses care more about revenue than joy?) now has proven to be a competitive advantage in businesses of all kinds.

Join Shannon and Lauren Fritsch for a wide-ranging conversation that explores how joy can fuel revenue for innovative entrepreneurs.

On the live show, we talk about:
*Putting in place spiritual practices and rewards & rituals to fuel the joy
*Why joy can’t be acquired externally
*The Eight Principles of The Joy Imperative d
*How emotion is driving everything we do; and in your marketing, that means keeping it joyful

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