Episode 11: Idea Overload

Are you a Creative suffering from TMIS (Too Many Ideas Syndrome)? No need to suffer! There is relief in awareness.

“Do I actually have a biochemical depression? OR…Am I an imaginative person living in a world full of of concrete thinkers?”

“Do I really have ADHD? OR…Am I trying to physically keep up with my many ideas and interests through a plethora of projects and activities?”

Am I a jack of all trades? AND…a master of many?

Know this: If you are a Multi-Passionista, and/or if you have the joy of Creative Intelligence and gifting of High Ideaphoria and Divergent Thinking….you are BLESSED!

We had another special guest on the show this week! Terri Babers is an expert in helping you learn to “herd butterflies”. If you suffer from high ideaphoria, you’ll want to check out her ebook called Multi-Passionista Unparalyzed at http://terribabers.com/.

On the live show, we talk about:

  • The importance of honoring every idea that comes your way
  • The 7 Steps to Capturing and Reviewing Your Ideas
  • An exercise to help you prioritize your ideas – so you know where to start and what to stick with  


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