A coaching and consulting business that connects DEEPLY with people is a business that thrives and lasts. Think of your favorite brands. Most likely you choose to follow and invest in these brands because you connect with them in some way.

I shared a Facebook live last year about how I connected with a brand of pizza I saw at the store.

I mainly keep a vegan diet, but sometimes I will eat cheese. This pizza wasn’t what I’d normally choose, and even though it had cheese I just had to get it. Why?

Because the packaging was unique and filled with story! 

I learned about this family from Italy that re-envisioned the frozen boxed pizza. I met their grandpa who farmed the tomatoes and was introduced to the wood oven they used daily. Even the instructions had a fun story-driven approach with hand-drawn illustrations! 

Their story connected with me on a deep level–and I became their ideal customer–even though I wouldn’t normally have chosen that pizza.

That’s powerful!

Stories have connected us for as long as humans have been around. Imagine what kind of impact you could create if you knew how to connect deeply with people like that pizza brand connected with this vegan.


Joyful Business Growth Strategist + CEO Mindset Coach 

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